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Advanced Interception Systems. GSM/CDMA/Satellite Intercept
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Special monitoring systems for secret services

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How to buy

The site Intercept
is an affiliated project of Discovery Telecom Technologies (DTT)

In the given section the most complicated interceptor systems for monitoring of cellular and satellite communication networks is collected.

Sale and delivery of the given equipment are carried out worldwide under the preliminary coordination.

Training to work with system can be spent both in Europe or in the country of the user under the arrangement.

Special equipment is intended for sale only to government agencies. Therefore, we control the sale to each country and support of our dealers. We never provide any specific information without clear understanding of whom we are dealing with.
Therefore kindly requested before writing us an inquiry please fill out theEnd usercertificate and think carefully about whom and for what purpose you are going to offer our equipment.
Considering specificity of this equipment Discovery Telecom reserves the right to refuse to provide any information without any explanation.

Beware of the fraud!

There are many web sites recently that illegally copy pictures our products and offer it at the price of 10-20 times lower than its real cost.

Groups of the fraudsters operate from Makhachkala (Russia), Pakistan and other countries and regions.

We do not have any relation to these scams, and ask you to be vigilant and not to transfer any funds to fraudsters.

Please note that there are no serious solutions
cheaper than 200-300K USDin the market of cellular interceptors.

Please be careful!

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