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Special monitoring systems for secret services

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Professional car grabber

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Professional car grabber
Professional car grabber
  • Professional car grabber
  • Professional car grabber
  • Professional car grabber
  • Professional car grabber
  • Professional car grabber
Main characteristics
SKU 2119
Vendor Intercept
Category Car opening
Frequency 315 MHz 433,92 MHz 868 MHz
System output 4 W
Power source 12V DC
Active range (m) 100
OS WIN software for PC
Antenna Wideband magnetic antenna
Connectors USB, N-type female
Decryption For fixed or rolling code devices
Dimensions, HWD 48x36x17 cm
Weight 5 kg
Shipment Worldwide

Professional car grabber is a remote alarm code interception system that works with most radio-frequency alarm systems.

The principle consists of intercepting and memorizing the encoded radio frequency signals (both with fixed androlling code) sent by the remote control of the alarm system.

Rolling code systems are based on non-linear encryption algorithms that generate different transmissions with every use of the remotecontrol.
A timing sequence guarantees a great number of different transmissions and allows the receiver to keep count of the received sequences.

This enables the receiver to accept only transmissions with a valid timing sequence, for example:
Timing number of latest transmission received: 1000
Valid expected transmissions: 1001, 1002, 1003,…
Invalid transmissions: 1000, 999, 998, 997,

The purpose of Professional car grabberis to store a certain number of sequences transmitted by the remote control and prevent the receiver from receiving them.

In this way the receiver doesn’t update the timing number and Professional car grabberkeeps stored into its memory a certain number of valid sequences that can be re-transmitted, from the oldest to the newest.


Additional information can be provided to police forces or government agencies only

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